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How to Raise Money for Your Project: The best crowdfunding sites

Here is what crowd funding is in a nutshell, imagine standing in front of a huge crowd of thousands of people on a stage and yelling out “Does nay one have a car I can use’ and some one raises their hand. That is “crowd sourcing”. “Crowd funding” is a similar idea but instead of asking for a car you yell out “I need $500 for a camera to film a new movie” and someone raises their hand. In exchange the “investor or donor get a thank you gift of some kind like an autographed poster etc. Now imagine that crows is in the virtual world of the Internet and you have crowd funding via facebook, twitter etc. Continue reading

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The fundraising plan:

Ok here is the plan – copy Green Peace! Green peace has these canvasser guys all over the city with notebooks standing in crowded corners getting donations and I think we can do that too! We have been doing grassroots … Continue reading

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A Window of Opportunity.

A window of opportunity. I am really excited because I realized that the idea of doing Star Kids on weekends with volunteers in an episodic fashion is just not working. The problem is logistics and scheduling. People may think that … Continue reading

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Go day!

Today is Go day! The day we go for it. I finished the phase II budget for all of the l,location based outdoor scenes and it came in at $500,000. I expect a lot of that to be donated but … Continue reading

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Production Update

Things are going well. I am fully (again) into fund raising mode. We are applying for the $15,000 Seattle City Matching funds grant which should work well with our “Adopt a Scene” program. Also I finally got an inside connection … Continue reading

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Moving right along

So I’m fully into fundraising mode and pre production mode. So far I’ve contacted lots of individuals and foundations about contributing to the movie as well as several organizations about being community partners. I’m getting a very favorable response so … Continue reading

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fundraising part 2

Ok, I finally finished my non profit proposal for Star Kids. I sent it out to two people today and will call them next week for an answer. now that i have the proposal there really is no excuse for … Continue reading

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