Just watched Whale Rider for the tenth time.

Just watched Whale Rider for the tenth time. I
just love this movie. It really inspires me, and makes me really want to make spiritual movies like that.  For families watching the film, it is good for kids six and above.  There is one drug reference but it’s so hidden that smaller kids won’t notice.  The only other thing is a scene where an 11 year old is smoking. But the main character deals with this and tells him he should not be smoking.  For girls it’s a great film about strength and courage and being true to yourself no matter what.  Spiritually, it shows that there is more to life than the physical. It’s just a really good film over all. Very inspiring. I’ve watched it many times and I am still not tired of it.  A real work of art. This is the kind of film you can keep in your family collection and watch over and over again.

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Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion!

Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion! This movie is horrible! Why does Hollywood put out this crap. it’s like, the more violent and depressing the better. This movie has like no redeeming qualities. I mean what was the purpose of it? To depress us all! Anyway, under no circumstances should ANY chi…ldren, teens included see this film. Heck, even adults should not watch this film. The Director and or writer have a really morbid sensibility. Why? I don’t know. The whole premise of the film is that once there is no law, people will pretty much revert to being animals. There is no hope or light in the film, just a tiny ray at the end. What I don’t understand is exactly what point the writer was trying to make. Maybe that ultimately at the end of the day humans are just animals? There are some really sick scenes of cannibalism very graphic and just sick man! This movie will give adults nightmares and depress you for days. I was curious but I regret seeing this film. It is in the same vain of hopeless dreck as Children of Men, I am legend and 12 Monkeys. Why? You know just because you get an idea doesn’t mean it should become a book or a movie, especially if it has no redeeming value for mankind. Gawd!


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A Collection of Canon 5D Mark II Test Footage for filmmakers

Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media

I have researched the web and put together this collection of test footage of the Canon 5D Mark II HD Camera. It includes, night shots, short films and nature footage, all of which should help you decided if this is the camera for you. I mainly did this for independent filmmakers and those who are considering this camera to shoot a feature length film. That was my need and I have decided to go ahead and use this camera to shoot my film “Star Kids“. I like this camera because of it’s low light capability, which means we will need almost no light setups, which will save us an infinite amount of time.

I also like the simplicity of the camera, and from what I have seen it is pretty much a point and shoot camera, which is what I want. I want to enjoy film making and not spend all of my time doing setups. Setups mean more people, more complications etc. I really just want a minimum crew, just enough to shoot and no more. I also like the small footprint of the camera and the fact that you can shoot with it from almost any angle, again with very little setup. Basically it looks like it would be a really fun camera to shoot with. And let’s not forget the low cost compared to other prosumer cameras of the same level.

You can see my collections of footage below:

Canon 5D Mark II Nighttime Footage

Canon 5D Mark II Beautiful Footage

Canon 5D Mark II Shortfilm Footage

Let me know what you think.

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Avatar looks like it’s gonna be awsome!

Avatar looks like it’s gonna be awsome!

What do you think?

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Canon 5D Mark II Night Footage

Check out the excellent low light capabilities of the Canon D5 Mark II HD Camera:

If you are a filmmaker please leave a comment telling me what you think.

To learn more about this camera visit Canon’s website:

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Canon 5D Mark II shortfilms

A collection of short films shot with the Canon 5D Mark II.

I think these films proves that this camera is a real film camera.

If you are a filmmaker please leave a comment telling me what you think of this new camera.

To learn more about this camera at Canon’s website:

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Beautiful Canon 5D Mark II HD Video

A collection of 5D beautiful shots








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