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Gearing up for Star Kids 2009!

Ok, it’s time to gear up again for Star Kids in 2009! This time I intend to finish the sucker! I took a 3 month break from it because I was totally burnt out from everything but I am ready … Continue reading

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Make a donation to help make the Star Kids Movie

Hello, my name is William Spiritdancer and I am founder of Dream Power International, a non-profit who’s mission is to help people with their gifts and life purpose. What we call their “true dream” in life. Our goal is to … Continue reading

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back in the saddle

Ok i’m back in the saddle with Star Kids. the main goal right now is to do fundraising, make some product placement request, location scout mt. rainier before its covered in snow, and get the character design completed. so we … Continue reading

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Figuring out Snoqualmie falls

We went to Snoqualmie falls and that was really interesting. What I realized was that everything is going to take a long time. Even to do the simplest scenes. It’s gonna take time. And I have to plan for that. … Continue reading

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To Snoqualmie Falls

Today we are about to go to Snoqualmie falls. This will be interesting. It will be interesting to see how close my vision matches with the actually reality of the place. I am also going to do some party style … Continue reading

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It feels cool to take action

I went and checked out Chinatown and it was great! There are so many cool locations there that one could do a whole kids film right there. We found a really cool alley much better than the one in the … Continue reading

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Ahh another lucky day

There are lots of sevens in this year for some reason. Hope that means it will be a good year. I’ve surrendered the Star Kids movie to God. I am trying to get as close to God as I can. … Continue reading

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