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Cool Tools Series: Intro – Free tools change filmmaking game

I have been checking out all the great tools on the Internet lately that can help with artistic creation especially animation, games and indie filmmaking.  There are a lot of good tools out there and they seem to be getting … Continue reading

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Mammoth, a great film about what’s really important in life.

    I just watched a really moving film called Mammoth, I don’t know why the name, in the film it’s a reference to a pen.  It was really, really good. It moved me in so many ways and it … Continue reading

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My Favorite Scenes from My Favorite Movies: The Matrix – The Jump Scene

I love the “Jump Program” scene in the move The Matrix because it’s so true. To move to the 5th dimension (the spiritual dimension of life) we have to make a jump. That jump requires everything Morpheus talks about here: We have to let it all go… Fear, doubt, disbelief. It is only by letting these things go can we crossover. It’s scary at first but once you jump you will discover that there is another side to safely land on. Continue reading

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Avatar Sequel “The Legend of Korra” set for 2011

A sequel to Nickelodeon’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is in the works.
The channel said Wednesday the new animated TV series will premiere in 2011. It has the working title, “The Legend of Korra.” Continue reading

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Just watched Whale Rider for the tenth time.

Just watched Whale Rider for the tenth time. I
just love that movie. It really inspires me, and makes me really want to make
spiritual movies like that. Continue reading

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Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion!

Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion! This movie is horrible! Why does Hollywood put out this crap. it’s like, the more violent and depressing the better. This movie has like no redeeming qualities. I mean what was the purpose of it? To depress us all! Continue reading

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