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Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion!

Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion! This movie is horrible! Why does Hollywood put out this crap. it’s like, the more violent and depressing the better. This movie has like no redeeming qualities. I mean what was the purpose of it? To depress us all! Continue reading

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The Five Reasons Why the Star Kids Movie Must Happen

African American youths today are bombarded by predominantly negative images of themselves through the music and film industry. By “negative” images, we mean images that depict African Americans in socially destructive behavior, and as living within limited stereotypes. Just to … Continue reading

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The Problem That Must Be Solved…

IntroductionThe almost universal negative depictions of African Americans in the movies–especially the depiction of African American males–and how this is affecting the self-images of black children, is a disturbing problem. Many movies today show negative stereotypical images, usually involving gangs … Continue reading

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