Mammoth, a great film about what’s really important in life.


Photo by Maurice Wooltneck


I just watched a really moving film called Mammoth, I don’t know why the name, in the film it’s a reference to a pen.  It was really, really good. It moved me in so many ways and it had so many good messages.  It’s about a family in New York with a nanny.  The wife is a surgeon and the guy is a software entrepreneur, a net entrepreneur really.  They have a nanny from the Philippines who watches their only daughter.  During the course of the movie it becomes apparent that in the pursuit of money and career success they have all disowned their true lives.  The dad goes away on a business trip, the mom works all the time, the nanny is far away from her two boys.  Why do they all do this  – one word — money.  Well maybe not for the doctor she seems genuinely interested in her work and I am sure the dad is too but at the end of the day they have all sacrificed things much more important than career and that is family and love and togetherness.  As the movie moves forward this dichotomy between career and family becomes more and more apparent.  Also it’s about the fact that in the end we are all looking for the same thing — Love.  But in our crazy world we are constantly distracted from that by the false appeal of worldly success.

The film also showed the stark contrast in wealth between the wealthy nations and the poor of the third world and the dire conditions they must live in.  It’s really a very sad commentary on our world. I mean watching this film made me ashamed to be human, really ashamed to live on this earth at this time.  There are so many problems and so much of it is cause by our desperation, greed and selfishness and just plain lack of concern for our fellow human beings.  When will we wake up as a society and stop this madness.

This film is a mirror, it shows the false promise of money and success for all of us, rich and poor.   In all three cases everyone was so willing or felt so compelled and they all had really good reasons, to sacrifice the moment for some future success and financial security.  Anywhere but here.   The husband had to go across the world to get millions, the nanny had to travel across the world to make a better life for her sons, the doctor had to save all the people at the hospital.  I don’t want to give too much more of the film away but it shows the emptiness of success versus the true substance of real love and family love and what’s really important in life and how that is priceless and we don’t have to have millions to have it.  There is a priceless scene in the movie (no pun intended) where the daughter, because she spends most of her time with her nanny, wants to hang out with the nanny more than the mom.  Then the mom tries to buy the girls love but it doesn’t work, in that moment all of the surgeons skill, and money and career success is worthless for her girls attention.  The film shows that the most valuable things like spending time with our love ones and doing things like giving our kids attention and going for walks with them are very valuable indeed.  The film made me wonder if I spend enough time with my kids.  What am I taking for granted?  How much more time do I really have with them? It’s a great film and I highly recommend it.  It’s not rated but it should be rated R for sexual references, one bedrooms scene and some bloody operating room scenes.  I guess those scenes had to be in the film but its too bad because I wish my kids could see it.  It really demonstrates what’s important in life and I want them to see that while they are still young.  The director/writer is someone I have never heard of named Lukas Moodysson, I am sure we will be hearing more from him.  This is the kind of film I want to make, a good captivating story, that really reaches into our hearts and gets us thinking about the big pictures in life, and helps us to understand what really matters.

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