A Letter to Hollywood on Piracy

A letter to Hollywood by Jenna

Her response to the news article “Hollywood faces new piracy threat”

Why do we pirate?

Because we can, and it’s fun!
Advertising/Product Placement/previews, forcing people who’ve paid out the nose already to watch commercials before the movie and during the movie.

If you would release everything in every format, at a fair price, most people would choose quality over piracy any day. People don’t like to wait. Why would you wait when you can have it now for free? You seem to think you are the disney vault and anticipation’s going to make you want to pay more for it….umm no. That only works if you have no other choice and the movie is really special- more often that not- it isnt. If i want a diet coke i dont want to wait 6 months, i want it now. If i have access to a free soda fountain im not going to pay for that either. I figures it evens out for overpaying for it before.

The amount of crap we’ve already been forced to pay for but didn’t find out it wasnt worth a penny until it was too late.

Overpaid Celebrities.
Giving spoiled selfish, stupid, undeserving, robber barrons… ie actors/producers/CEO’s too much money, which makes it feel really good to steal from you. (sticking it to the man). Don’t get me started on A-list actors. There is no reason this person should be making that kind of money when a geriatric nurse wont see one weeks’ worth of it in her lifetime. Plus, we have to listen to thier phony balony crap all the time whether we want to or not. We dont care who you think we should vote for, everyone knows all actors are functionally retarded.

Piracy is not really “free”
still have to pay internet/computer maybe a other upfront cost’s.  People who pirate usually buy the movie in some other way. Do you like watching movies on your computer? i dont. i want the dvd with all the extras. They usually buy the dvd or previously viewed dvd’s or rent them. Hence, you paid for it, you just want a preview.  Pirate’s exist because we make it so hard for some people to make an honest living. Ever try to get a job with a criminal record? Bad Credit? no jobs available? No schooling? Viola: Pirate. It’s safer for both parties. I’d rather they pirate than any other criminal activity they could get up to. Better than mugging me to my face.

Why bother feeding the beast that cannot be fed?
You won’t be happy until we’ve signed over our first paycheck every month. You never have enough to be satisfied. Pure greed. You don’t even want to pay the cinemas a fair price for showing your movies and that’s why they always smell.

There is too much entertainment to choose from for most people’s budget. Granted, we don’t have to buy it, but we hate to be out of the loop, we want to talk to our friends about it. Don’t want to miss out on a pop culture thing.

Don’t you steal ideas and reuse formulas everyday?
Largely from other movies they’ve already made. Why don’t you have to pay a fine for stealing? for making romcom #11,157 the same as romcom #11,156. You are the original pirates. You plagerise all the time.

The horror of going to the movies.
In the 50’s people were polite at the movie. Not anymore. Now people just ruin the experience, talk, kick us in the head, burb, bring thier babies, swear, basically remind us of the decline of civilzation. No, we dont have to buy the food, but that popcorn smell is irresitable- and you know it. On top of that it is artery clogging- so you’re trying to kill us too, but you don’t even care and that hurts so don’t ask us to care about you and it has a mark up of about 3000%.

You are trying to be a dictator.
Diabolically scheming to tell people how to live, what is right, be politically correct, life should be PG-13 unless it’s oscar season. well, screw you hollywood. oh, but you’re exempt.

You need to stop congratulating yourselves all the time.
Enough backslapping already. Don’t you have enought recogition yet?

by Jenna
Her response to the news article
“Hollywood faces new piracy threat”


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