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A Letter to Hollywood on Piracy

If you would release everything in every format, at a fair price, most people would choose quality over piracy any day. People don’t like to wait. Why would you wait when you can have it now for free? You seem to think you are the disney vault and anticipation’s going to make you want to pay more for it….umm no. That only works if you have no other choice and the movie is really special- more often that not- it isnt. If i want a diet coke i dont want to wait 6 months, i want it now. If i have access to a free soda fountain i’m not going to pay for that either. I figures it evens out for overpaying for it before. Continue reading

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Just watched Whale Rider for the tenth time.

Just watched Whale Rider for the tenth time. I
just love that movie. It really inspires me, and makes me really want to make
spiritual movies like that. Continue reading

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Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion!

Saw the movie “The Road” and hated it with a passion! This movie is horrible! Why does Hollywood put out this crap. it’s like, the more violent and depressing the better. This movie has like no redeeming qualities. I mean what was the purpose of it? To depress us all! Continue reading

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