The fundraising plan:

Ok here is the plan – copy Green Peace!

Green peace has these canvasser guys all over the city with notebooks standing in crowded corners getting donations and I think we can do that too! We have been doing grassroots fundraising similar to this for almost a year now in front of post offices, banks and grocery stores with growing success. At this point we can make a pretty convincing case and get donations. All we have to do now is multiply that by about 20 and I think if we could bring in $500 a day we could fund the entire production properly which at this point is several hundred thousands of dollars. Assuming this stage works the next stage is to get a production manager going as soon as possible to handle the pre-production management duties, such as getting production items donated. The more this person can get donated by the summer the less cash we will have to spend on the actual production.

So that is it.

My next step is to hire and properly train a team of grassroots fundraisers.

This might be a novel way to finance a film all you need is a good cause and that we have!


About phactorx

Hello! My name is William Spiritdancer, and I am a filmmaker and founder of Dream Power, an organization based in Seattle Washington with a mission of helping people uncover their dreams and gifts and life purpose. We teach through writings, classes, films and our website. Our latest project is Star Kids: Awakening to Purpose, a children’s film that will teach the positive values of Peace, Truth, Love and Unity. Go to to learn more about me.
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