Creating an organization

Other lesson I learned this year is that I cannot do this by myself. Don’t get me wrong, it was never my intention to do the film by myself but that is what ends up happening when you don’t have enough money. I realize we must have enough money but the other thing is that I must delegate tasks to others. You should see my to do list, it’s like 3000 items long! That’s ridiculous! It would take me ten years to complete it! So once we get the fundraising engine fully up and running then I will hire a production manager, PR person, office assistant, etc. I’ve got to get this to the point where I am focused on holding the vision for Star Kids and Dream Power and managing the process. The problem is as an entrepreneur or social entrepreneur you can fall in to the trap of doing some task and feeling like you are making real progress because you are getting something done. I’ve got to get to the point where I am not implementing anything. If I am implementing something then that means there is something else that is not being taken care of because no one is running the ship! I’ve got to focus on running the ship if this is going to happen. And to add to that point, I am learning that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. In fact that can be a trap that dooms you to failure. See the E- Myth by Michael Gerber for more information on managing an organization, it is an excellent book on the subject. I just have to learn how to follow his ideas.


About phactorx

Hello! My name is William Spiritdancer, and I am a filmmaker and founder of Dream Power, an organization based in Seattle Washington with a mission of helping people uncover their dreams and gifts and life purpose. We teach through writings, classes, films and our website. Our latest project is Star Kids: Awakening to Purpose, a children’s film that will teach the positive values of Peace, Truth, Love and Unity. Go to to learn more about me.
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