A Window of Opportunity.

A window of opportunity.

I am really excited because I realized that the idea of doing Star Kids on weekends with volunteers in an episodic fashion is just not working. The problem is logistics and scheduling. People may think that film making is some high art that depends on where you point the camera and the angles and the lighting but I tell you the high art of film making is just being able to get the elements at a certain place in space and time. That is the challenge! Man if you could do that you can have your 5 year old sister film and you would have something. This is the difficulty! And the problem with unpaid volunteers (God bless their souls!) is that they have other lives so once you get a commitment from Joe to be on set Sat Jan 5th, when you call Mary she is not available and when you set a date that Mary is available Joe is not available! Then multiply that by 20 people and what you have is pretty much impossibility. So realizing this, that at this rate it will take me five years to complete this film I realized I needed another plan. Then I realized that we have a window of opportunity!

The window of opportunity is that if we fund raise very aggressively (I will talk about how we can do that later) we could raise enough money to pay a crew and film for 30 days and finish the filming. It is possible. But to work it will take a very aggressive fundraising plan.


About phactorx

Hello! My name is William Spiritdancer, and I am a filmmaker and founder of Dream Power, an organization based in Seattle Washington with a mission of helping people uncover their dreams and gifts and life purpose. We teach through writings, classes, films and our website. Our latest project is Star Kids: Awakening to Purpose, a children’s film that will teach the positive values of Peace, Truth, Love and Unity. Go to http://mydreampower.com to learn more about me.
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