We finally started shooting

Wow finally, after so much time and effort we have started shooting the movie! All kinds of things went wrong, but they say that’s the way film making is. We got on the set at around nine in the morning. At first I didn’t understand why we had to be there that early to shoot just five pages of script but it soon became apparent that the reason we get there early is because we are going to spend at least half of our time putting out fires and solving crazy problems. The first thing to go wrong was that the lady I had originally cast to play the mom got robbed the night before. She still tried to make it to the shoot but it was clear by about 2pm that she wasn’t going to make it. So I grabbed a young lady named Malika Lee off the set and drafted her to play the mom. Then the original dad didn’t show, just went completely AWOL on me. So I drafted my friend Pete Milosovich who is a screenwriter and who had come over to help out as 1st AD. Pete and Malika took on their new roles with gusto but then David our cinematographer discovered that the bulbs in the lights were no good. So Mike Mylan, the owner of the house we were using, volunteered to go all the way to Glazer’s Camera in Seattle to obtain some new bulbs. Finally at around 4 pm we started shooting. But now because of all the delays the evening light was beginning and when we went to shoot the dinner scene outdoors, by time David had the lights set up for one shot the sun would set a little more and he would have to stop and readjust the lights. Soon it was a battle between David and the sun and we were losing. So to explain how dinner starts in the day but ends at night we rewrote the last part of the scene to make it seem like the kids were out at the table hanging out all nite. We did this by having Malika come in and say something like “Wow you guys are still out here! Do you know how late it is, clear the table and get inside right now, it’s time for bed!” I hope that works, I won’t know till we start editing.

The other thing was everything took way longer than I expected. Because of the delays and having to move lights for every shot we were only able to shoot three pages of script instead of 5. I had to readjust my ideas of how long it will take to shoot a page of script. So instead of thinking we would come back Sunday and shoot five more pages. I accepted the new reality and decided to come back Sunday and just finish up what we were supposed to do Sat. We will return in Oct to do the next five pages. I figure instead of one day it will take two nites and two days to shoot the next five pages. Unfortunately the Mylan home is not available till after the 15ht of Oct. So in the mean time I want to try to shoot episode 2 in Chinatown.

You can see some production Pics here:


About phactorx

Hello! My name is William Spiritdancer, and I am a filmmaker and founder of Dream Power, an organization based in Seattle Washington with a mission of helping people uncover their dreams and gifts and life purpose. We teach through writings, classes, films and our website. Our latest project is Star Kids: Awakening to Purpose, a children’s film that will teach the positive values of Peace, Truth, Love and Unity. Go to http://mydreampower.com to learn more about me.
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