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fundraising part 2

Ok, I finally finished my non profit proposal for Star Kids. I sent it out to two people today and will call them next week for an answer. now that i have the proposal there really is no excuse for … Continue reading

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The Five Reasons Why the Star Kids Movie Must Happen

African American youths today are bombarded by predominantly negative images of themselves through the music and film industry. By “negative” images, we mean images that depict African Americans in socially destructive behavior, and as living within limited stereotypes. Just to … Continue reading

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One Million Kids

I was thinking about non profit and for profit and I realized that in the case of for profit people , i.e .investors want to know what’s in it for them. what are they going to get, how are they … Continue reading

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back in the saddle

Ok i’m back in the saddle with Star Kids. the main goal right now is to do fundraising, make some product placement request, location scout mt. rainier before its covered in snow, and get the character design completed. so we … Continue reading

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